Village Inn Motel

The Village Inn Motel was a two story, 32 patron room, 1114 M2 building, deconstructed from December 2008 to March 2009 to make way for the new Fire Hall. A waste diversion target of 50% was specified for this project. Due to our expertise in environmental deconstruction, the majority of large volume/weight materials were diverted thus achieving over 90% waste diversion.

The sale and removal of salvaged material destined for reuse was done through phone-ins; drive-bys; on-site singagel and a few calls to local groups.

Some interesting use of materials :

  • One local resident removed lumber manually for use in his garage.
  • Another local resident used most of the windows to build a 54" x 9" x 10" high green house on his acreage
  • A local Hutterite colony was involved in the dismantling and salvage of a large amount of dimensional lumber (all roof farming) for their construction projects.
  • The better quality bathtubs were sent to a local architectural salvage store for sale and some bathtubs were taken by local farmers for use as a watering troughs
  • The flagstone and brick were sold to residents for local projects
  • Lafarge used the majority of the concrete and concrete block to build a base structure and breakwater structure.
  • The asphalt was reused as resurfacing material for a local parking lot
  • The commercial grade washer and dryer, and rooftop air conditioner was taken for